The Crime vacation is over

Now that the COVID-19 appears to be moving more into the background than the foreground, notice that certain types of crimes are more prevalent now than they have been in the not too distant past.

In the month of March, there were at least two Active Shooting cases and one case that was averted.

The two Active Shooting cases are from Atlanta, Georgia with eight women shot and killed, and Boulder, Colorado with ten people killed, including a Police officer. And a grocery store in Atlanta, Georgia had an Active shooting case averted when an observant store employee observed a person in their restroom with a semi-automatic rifle. The store employee heard the person manipulating the weapon and immediately reported it. Police were able to apprehend the suspect as he exited the restroom. The suspect was wearing body armor and armed with numerous handguns and long guns.

To me, it seems as though certain criminals and their illegal activities seemed be somewhat held in check during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now that the COVID-19 deaths are decreasing, the violent criminals who were on a vacation from crime seem to now be back on their game. 

With that said, consider what you would do should you be in and active shooter’s immediate area.  Will you have the opportunity to escape the area, or perhaps choses a hiding place where you may need to ambush the shooter for you and perhaps your family members to survive. 

Other violent crimes that appear to be on the rise in several cities are homicides, shootings, and car jackings.  For Car jackings, criminals may wait at gas stations for drivers to stop at the gas pumps and then attack them, stealing their car. 

Or, criminals have their own individual hot spots where they choose to commit their violent crimes.

Please take the time to play the “What if” game as you go through your day.  Have a plan for what you will do should you be confronted by a violent criminal, or what you will do if gunshots are fired within your immediate area.

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