Month: March 2018

Know how to tactically escape from a shooting location

The reality of Hard or Soft Targets

History and past Active Shooters/Assailants have repeatedly shown us they purposely selected the targets they will attack by what they saw as “soft targets.” Shooters have watched, researched or deemed that a particular environment (work site, school, church, public place, etc.) where they feel no person or persons will immediately intervene to stop their violent

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Is it the gun?

In the 2017 and 2018 Active Shooting cases, shooters have used weapons that the media and others have defined as “weapons of war.”  These cases involve weapons with associated terms of bump stocks, high capacity magazines and automatic or semi-automatic weapons.  While the current focus (of some) is on the weapon, remember two things: killers

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A woman you barely know from work suddenly runs into your office. She has a look of terror written all over her face and is hysterically crying.  As you try to come to grips why you are experiencing this, you then recall her attendance at work has lately been spotty.  The woman tells you that

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