Smash and Grab Theft

Within the past couple of weeks, groups of organized thieves have struck several retail and drug stores to steal whatever their stealing little hearts desire.  At least twenty (and sometimes more)  thieves will run into a store, wearing masks and clothing to conceal their identity.  In recent cases, the thieves have been armed with hammers and crowbars where they smash display case.  Once the thieves grab what they have entered the store for, they quickly run out.  In some cases, the thieves have run out to vehicles to make their getaway. 

There are many causes for this, but that is not our concern.  What we need to be concerned about is our personal safety should this occur while you or your family are in present.

The best thing is to ensure you don’t present a threat to anyone in that group.  It is not your job or duty to stop them, and even if you were hired as security, you cannot stop a mob in this setting without the proper equipment and proper staffing.  Don’t get between these thieves who are there to commit a property crime (stealing) and don’t give them a reason to commit a violent crime against you or your family members.

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