Month: August 2019

Is your child’s school prepared for an Active Shooter?

This blog is meant to raise awareness of all concerned about school safety by asking questions and not to expose here any vulnerabilities a school may presently have. There are a number of components to prepare the school for an Active Shooter such as: Physical Security, Overall Defense Training, Shooter Ambush Training, and Emergency Trauma

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Helping those who help us!

Having been a street cop in the Reno, Nevada area for twenty-five years, I have had numerous experiences where the suspect forced or attempted to use force to evade an arrest.  By the time I joined the force, I had just received my 2nd degree black belt and somewhat prepared for these physical confrontations. The

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Disarm and Disable

The “What If” questions for Active Shooter Defense

On a very busy Saturday morning, a lone gunman appeared in the parking lot of a Walmart store in El Paso, TX and using a semi-automatic rifle shot and killed twenty-two people in the span of just a few minutes.  The police responded and was able to take the young adult male into custody without

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