Armed Robbery

Last month, there were groups of organized thieves that struck several retail and drug stores to steal whatever their stealing little heart’s desire.  More often than not the people participating in these thefts relied on large numbers of suspects, making it difficult to single out a person to hold accountable. 

In a recent case, a woman enters a Los Angeles, CA Rite Aid store in the Venice beach area armed with a pickaxe.  The woman loaded up a small basket or items including liquor and threatened employees with the pickaxe if they attempted to intervene.  This crime is no different that walking into a store with a handgun and taking property or money from the store.

If these criminals are bold enough to commit this crime in broad daylight, they might just be crazy enough to use the weapon to harm others. 

When you are anywhere in public, be aware of your surroundings and watch out for those who may do harm to you or other’s just to further their criminal desires. Stay out of their path and don’t do anything to attract their attention.  And above all, don’t give them a reason to commit a violent crime against you or your family members. 

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