Serial Defense

Serial Murder cases have gripped not only our nation but the entire world.  For decades, killers and sex offenders have made their ugly mark on society by abducting, sexually assaulting and killing men, women, and children, all for their own sick and twisted pleasure. We may have  heard the most infamous names: Albert DeSalvo, Angelo Buono, Ken Bianchi, Richard Ramirez, and Dennis Rader. And if we did not recognize or associate their true names, we probably have heard of the names they were given to them by the media: The Boston Strangler, The Hillside Stranglers, the Night Stalker, and BTK for Bind Torture and Kill.

Hollywood has given these killers immortality by sensationalizing their crimes whenever they release the most recent television shows or movies. These shows  illustrate killers who often study other serial killers and feel they can either outperform,  discover new methods to attack their victims, and baffle the police all for their almost single-minded purpose; to satisfy their sexual compulsion or homicidal acts.

The viewing public has their almost insatiable appetite for serial killers and serial sex offender facilitated by Hollywood. Movies like “Silence of the Lambs” television shows like “Criminal Minds” and even Podcasts that provide how the killer commits their crimes, or how the police ultimately capture their suspect are evidence of our fascination of these depraved criminals.

Serial Defense offers a unique approach to surviving Serial Killers and Sex Offenders.  These offenders have wreaked havoc in the past and unfortunately, when one of these offenders are apprehended, an entirely different offender seems to introduce themselves to the world. I created the Serial Defense program and Podcast to assist the public when series of sex crimes and/or homicides are occurring in a specific area, and when ordinary citizens need to take proactive measures for their own self-defense, and, for the defense of their family members.

Each episode of Serial Defense has three main objectives:  Provide information on the selected serial sex offender or serial killer; Enlighten you on risk factors and relevant issues about their victims; and lastly, provide lifesaving tactics and physical techniques that can be used to allow a person to survive a violent encounter.

I ask the listener to place themselves in the position as one of the offender’s victims.  I want them to consider how they or their family can protect themselves from being chosen as the offender’s victim, and if they were chosen, what they could do to survive the encounter. I also want them to think of the actions the victim had control over, and what they might do differently to effectively fight back.

I provide tactics and techniques that with sufficient practice can be used to effectively defeat a violent offender.  These tactics are rooted in proven methods of Crime prevention.  The physical techniques use proven Martial arts movements that are verified to be effective in sound practical self-defense theory and actual proven results against violent offenders.

Both the Podcast and the website are expected to launch May of 2021.  The website will be at and my email for this site is [email protected]

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