In your mind’s eye…

Using your mind to conceive or see a movement or technique will allow you to practice when you are not only working with a partner, but when you are alone.  You must be able to see how your body works before you can develop this aspect. 

As a yoga practitioner, and during the early part of the pandemic, I did not attend any in person yoga classes.  We had to resort to doing yoga over the computer.  When students are attending in person classes, they have the benefit of using a mirror to assist in various poses for balance and form.  However, when in person classes were not available and practicing yoga via Zoom without the benefit of a mirror, I had to resort to feeling how my body works for each of the poses.  I found that after a few classes, my balance and practice actually improved by envisioning the poses in my mind’s eye.

The initial stages of your Martial Arts training will teach you how to perform each move.  Often times, you will have the benefit of other students that are present, or an Instructor who are there to assist you with any corrections.

When you are out of the guiding eye of an Instructor, this may be one of those times where you will need to use your mind’s eye to guide you through movements or techniques. When you have an idea or concept of how the movement is supposed to look and how you want your body to move, take your time and “feel” how you body is moving.  Remember, Self-defense and Martial Arts are not a mindless activity; you are working your body and your mind.

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