Disarm and Disable CourseS

This type of scene is becoming more frequent.

Active Shooter Training for an Organization

We all know that law enforcement will respond to the call of “Shots Fired.” What is needed to know is what to do during that critical first five minutes to survive the attack. Learn how to tactically escape from a shooting location. If the choice is made to hide, learn how to hide and use improvised weapons with the intent of ambushing the shooter should the shooter enter that location. And the worst case scenario, learn last resort techniques should you come face to face with the shooter and improvised weapons may either be limited or non- existent. We can also provide a comprehensive site assessment to target harden your facility and reduce your vulnerability.

Street Crime Self Defense

Crimes against a person where the criminal uses violence to intimidate and purposely inflict serious harm to his/her victims occur in nearly every city. Learn how to combat criminals who will attempt to impose their will on innocent and law abiding citizens. Learn how to defend yourself against these violent offenders in such crimes as Robbery, Car Jacking, Abduction and assault with a deadly weapon.

Disarm and Disable Training Courses
Tactics and Techniques to Disarm Street Thugs

Martial Art Street Survival

The lesson plans of most Martial Arts schools provide a huge range of material from Kata (Patterns) to Sparring for competition. If your school or martial arts system does not include how to apply those techniques to street thugs, we can offer those tactics and techniques. Learn how to use techniques to successfully stop a street thugs attack. Whether the aggressor is alone or has his/her partners in crime present for the attack, learn the essentials of the truth in the legality of defending yourself and the essential stages of a violent street crime.

Personal Safety Courses

Women's Self Defense

Crimes that women face in our open society are some of the most violent that can be imagined and has long lasting effects on the victim and their families. Criminals select victims to exploit the daily routines of women from their youngest of ages through to the mature woman. Learn how to reduce your vulnerability of an attack and defend against crimes ranging from abduction through a violent sexual attack. Work on strategies and techniques for the most important principal, how to survive the attack.

Women learn how to defend from an attack.
Protect against Child Abduction

Kids Safety In School

One of the worst things a parent should ever have to face is a threat to the life of their child. Child abduction and sexual exploitation is a reality in our society and no community is 100% safe. Far too often, sex offenders roam our streets, highways and cities looking for their next target. Learn what parents and children can and should do to reduce their vulnerabilities and what to do should this unspeakable act occur in your life.

Private Lessons

Students express their specific interests in what they wish to learn in a private or semi-private setting. The Instruction is taught in the comfort of the client’s environment. Whether the lesson is a one on one or with a group of your friends, relatives or co-workers, we can customize the material for the needs of the student(s).

Training in a private setting

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