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Leading Edge Threat Mitigation actively provides real world tactical and technical information on how to mitigate any number of threats from Active Shooter Defense, Protection against Stalkers, and Self Defense courses for Civilian and Law Enforcement personnel.


Mr. Walker’s business model utilizes his experience as a twenty-five year veteran of the Reno Police Department along with his expertise as a 10th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Arts and two World Karate Championships.  These two disciplines form the basis of techniques and tactics that are practical, easy to apply and effective against violent assailants.


Mr. Walker is also the author of two books: “Self- Defense Tactics and Techniques” and his most recently released book “Shots Fired” Surviving an Active Shooter/Assailant.  This latest book was created to help organizations and the average individual to understand how to react when attacked by any offender bent on death and destruction, and the perpetrators single desire to injure or kill as many people as possible.


Mr. Walker has appeared on numerous local radio and television appearances covering threat mitigation strategies from Stalking, Workplace Violence and the defense against an Active Shooter/Assailant.


Due to his extensive background in Law Enforcement, Martial Arts, Threat Mitigation, Defensive Tactics and Law Enforcement Use of Force Options,  Walker is sought out for Criminal and Civil trials and case preparations as an Expert Witness within these fields of expertise.

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Disarm and Disable: The Active Shooter Defense Guide

Joseph B. Walkers 4th published book is available on Amazon. The book was created  for the worst-case scenarios if you were to find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time – and no trained professionals are there to help.

While escaping a kill zone is one option, there may come a time when the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to ambush, Disarm and Disable the shooter.

Buy My Third Published Book

Shots Fired:  Surviving An Active Shooter / Assailant

Joseph B. Walker’s 3rd published book, distributed through Archway Publishing . The book details Walker’s  approach to his trainings and seminars, providing readers insights and tactics on how to survive in an active shooter situation.

Cover of Book :: Disarm and Disable


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