Month: March 2019

Critical Incident Tape Loop

One of the things that should be discussed is the aftermath of a violent encounter and what you may experience for the days and nights to come.  First of all, if you have survived a violent encounter, you did it right!  The most important aspect of defending yourself is to survive.  Having done that, you

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How bad can it get?

During the early part of February 2019, a female college student at Ohio State University should have had the time of her life.  Instead, she had been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend (who she has a child with) and killed in a deadly confrontation when the police caught up with them.  Both the suspect (ex-boyfriend) and

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Everybody is on Edge!

During the early part of 2019, the northern Nevada area was rocked with four murders that occurred in a relatively short period of time.  The first murder occurred in a town called Gardnerville, NV. In that murder, a female was murdered in her home and no further details were given.  Approximately four days later, a

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