Month: September 2018

Violent episodes around us

Many public businesses and parking lots have become lethal crime scenes for a variety of reasons. Here is a brief account of several incidents in chronological order: June 2018: A gunman shot one person as he attempted to carjack a vehicle in the parking lot of a Walmart store in Tumwater, WA. A legally armed

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Using a cell phone for self-defense

Technology can be of a great benefit in our everyday lives. When it comes to certain items, the ability to instantly communicate to others whether they are minutes or hundreds of miles away from us is absolutely awesome.  We do however need to understand the limits of that technology and when it is most appropriate

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Just who are the Shooters…

During a recent social media interaction, one of the participants responding to my post alluded to Active shooters belonging to one particular ethnic persuasion.  I responded that the truth of the matter was that they come from “nearly” every walk of life, ethnicity, gender, age, across socio-economic backgrounds as well as those who are highly

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