Two equal parts of Self-defense

Just as the Yin Yang symbol illustrates, the study of self-defense requires two separate but equal parts.  The physical part of self-defense requires a student learn the movements necessary to defend themselves against a violent attack.  Students practice these movements often so they become an “automatic” response to an attack. Students must also learn the mental parts of self-defense such as discipline and persistence and to incorporate the principles into any self-defense application. 

At this present time, there is an enemy many of us are facing that has done deadly harm to our nation.  With this pandemic, people of all ages have battled the virus in one form or another, or they have battled the psychological repercussions of the lock downs.  Many people have felt the consequences of the lack of freedom, the inability to come and go as you normally would.  The cancelation of schools, limited attendance and participation in many activities have caused such a depression that some have succumbed to their deteriorating mental health.

Now is the time for to consistently renew the mental aspect of your self-defense. Take time each day to look at your own life to access your mental health.  What activities can you or others participate in that can reduce your anxiety?  With some people, it could be music.  With others, it might be exercise. It’s important that you get outside to get some Vitamin D.  Make time to get some recreation.  Participate in activities that will allow you to get your heart rate up at an aerobic level. When you do that, you not only help your physical health, but the brain releases endorphins that will help your mental outlook. 

I want you to look inside you and let the good continue to be seen by you and others in your life.  A good friend once said to me that if you squeeze an orange, only orange juice will come out. Allow the good to dominate your life. Keep the electronic and print news media to a bare minimum.  If you allow yourself to be bombarded with negative news, it can depress your mental outlook and perhaps make you think this may never end.  Life is very different, and we must do our part to keep our mental and physical bodies at healthy levels. 

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