Have you seen the news today?

I never thought I would see it, but we are living in unprecedented times.  We are seeing times where up is down, left is right, right is wrong and things seem to be upside down.  News stations may not report the news, they may do things to sensationalize the news.  I believe that whichever news source your television, radio or print media is focused on, they each may have a particular political slant that could shade the information you take in. 

I would recommend two things: one is to watch, listen or read news from both sides of the political aisle.  This affords you to hear what both sides talk about. 

Take the personality out of what is being discussed, and reduce it down to the facts.  If there is a particular story of interest to you, research it to ascertain for yourself what is the truth.  Don’t allow any news source to dictate your truth.  You may need to find out for yourself.

Secondly, constantly watching, hearing or reading negative news stories can become debilitating.  This can affect your personal outlook on life and cause problems with interpersonal relationships with friends, family, co-workers, etc.  I would recommend a limited dose of negative news.  Tune in for small amounts of the day. Don’t leave your television on and become overwhelmed with the events.  Look at things going on around you for yourself to determine how things really are.  There really are good (and a few bad) people out there.  Take the proper precautions so you can enjoy your life.

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