Mass Civil Unrest

Staring with the example of late December of 2019, Stockton, California had between 150 to 200 people involved in fighting at two different shopping malls.  There are a host of situations and circumstances where people are attending sporting events and a fight breaks out.  Sometimes those fights can be between just two combatants. And then there are times where the fighting seems to be contagious and others close to the combatants join the melee. 

When you are in any type of public venue and a fight between just two people occur, it is best for you to know at least two ways to exit the immediate area and possibly the venue.  If the venue has great security (or law enforcement) that can immediately quell the disturbance their response may be sufficient.  In the event the combatants are close to you, you need to quickly move away.  Moving will afford you the opportunity to not be confused with being with either of the fighting parties or get too close to the action where you get drawn into the fracas and need to defend yourself.  In that situation, you may never know whose side who is on and if they view you as a potential threat.  Three things to remember: 1: There is no such thing as a fair fight; 2: The punch or kick you are struck by you may not always see it coming and 3: Sometimes fist fights evolve into someone using a deadly weapon.

If the melee has erupted around you, you may have missed danger signs of not being aware of your environment and avoided the area.  If this is the case, immediately depart from the melee, the crowd and the entire environment.  Never stand around to witness, take photos or video of the event.  If you do so, you may be an unwilling participant, victimized and in need of a ride to the closest hospital emergency room.

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